Oliver Buckland ยท backroom labyrinth

welcome to the mshterious world of the dreams of my mind...i will write all my special dreams here,,,you get to know me better..i get to know my dreams better.....woooooooohhhhh

october 3rd, 2021:
broken toilet seats. everywhere.

october 4th, 2021:
there was an extra regular show character who was maroon red and had a normal face and was named Bob????

october 5th, 2021:
my mom begged to jesus and any god that existed to please remove our pet cat (misa) from the house it kind of srtressed me out in the dream .. poor misa

october 6th, 2021:
my friend was really scared of the gym, he was like shakign and stuff when we came into it

october 7th, 2021:
i told somebody on youtube their video (which was a saw clip) was awesome and it "goes hard", which resulted in him taking down the video and reposting it but this time with my IP address and full name, which i responded to with a laughing emoji. a bit stupid of me.

october 8th, 2021:
i totally forgot.

october 9th, 2021:
im not sure about this one...???you see, its hard to immediately wake up and edit your site to say what you dreamed. i decided id write them on my phone as fast as possible, then upload to my computer. but...when i wrote it..i waas still half awake. what i wrote, and what i quote:
"This Messed up neighbor sold kids bladrd bad tjgf". i really dont know what i was trying to say. if anyone can decipher this, people contact me, seriously.

october 10th, 2021:
no dreams this night as far as i know....

october 11th, 2021:
i could swear i had a good dream but i cant rememberr.....

october 12th, 2021:
ok heres one. they were making a new saw movie with obvious influece of catholicism, They were asking for blood donations to make the movie seem more realistic and cool. needless to say a lot of blood was given

october 13th, 2021:
one of my friends had a villain backstory for why he was so amazing at playing 8ball on imessage. also something about new zealand happened idk

october 14th, 2021:
no dreams i can remember this night.....

october 15th, 2021:
entry from my phone the minutei woke up:
"Schl took away my
NecklCes and I spilled my drink". I actually do remember some bits of this dream, they kept setting off showers in the schools and projecting balls of light into our faces. It was like natural selection or something.

october 16th, 2021:
Lawrence Gordon from Saw threw a soccerball so hard at my stomach I threw up and while walking away he expressed his love for quarter pounders as i herled on the grass

october 17th, 2021:
they put me and about 20 other kids in a saw trap and only me and 3 other kids survived. one kid that tragically did not survive it was a friend of mine and my brother and i had to break the news to him. i think a lot more stuff happened but i kinda forgot.

october 18th, 2021:
i dreamed something about saw again but i forgot what exactly. also i had psuedosleep last night so that happened(if you cant tell yet i REALLY like saw)

october 19th, 2021:
a lot of what i dreamed is lost in the sauce but one thing I do remember was sitting at a lunch table in a school ive never been in before with some kids I dont recognize, talking about squid game for some reason? i havent watched squid game

october 20th, 2021:
no dreams that I can remember but one thing that was really weird was i fell asleep almost immediately after getting into bed. It once again felt like i didnt sleep at all, because i was super confused when i woke up in the middle of the night and my movie was over.

october 21st, 2021:
This one I rememebr pretty well actually, in some good detail, too. I went to my neighbors house with a group of friends, for some reason. Their house looked like one i saw in some realty show. It was pretty nice inside, but the outside had an ugly patio with a full mattress and a dirty pool. ALso, I went to another house that reminded me of childhood but I believe it was huanted. My friend had a shirt of bill cipher too, but the text was rather nsfw, so i wont describe it.

october 22nd, 2021:
This is a short one. All I can remember dreaming about is I got a pair of pants with those suspenders on them, specifically purple ones. Kind of dissapointed when I woke up. Everything else in the dream was black.

october 23nd, 2021:
I got scammed on roblox and they took control of my account but didn't totally trash it either. (I dont even play roblox) My dad owned a gas station and yet I still had to pay for things there; My friend and I were chilling in there and and we ranted to a nice lady stranger abt that and she was very understanding also my friend started choking and she saved him. Also the school I was in had pancakes or french toast and i got both plus some more stuff cuz im sneaky. Then someone posed as someone I know's non existent dead grandma on an online game and i woke up

october 24th, 2021:
You thought that one was long?? (sigh) SO I was in an art room ina weird dark rundown school and all the faucets were awful and the water was yellow. Suddenly we all left pretty fast and up the stairs, and for some reason it had the same architecture as my old junior high school. I saw Lawrence Gordon arguing with a security guard over the fact there was a small grasshopper on the steps scaring him. My brother and mom were then later telling me about how my grandmas dog was the Second Coming of Christ for some random reasons like they had no hair on their neck (they did irl) in another dream, I saw some people all filing out of a store in lines like ants. Lastly, I had a dream someone licked their hand and tried to touch me with it, and it made me so mad I kicked them. I ended up kicking irl though too, and kicked into the air and hit the closet door which scared me awake.

october 25th, 2021:
As a change of pace, no dreams I remember from this night.

october 26th, 2021 - november 3rd, 2021:
This is a phase of no dreams or very odd dreams I forgot. Instead of manually writing each day that I can't remember, I just thought I'd group them here. I do remember having school related dreams though, thats for sure.

november 4th, 2021:
my mom angrily told some random girl that the shirt she was wearing (which is mine irl btw) attracted too many germs and was not a good material which made me mad